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Arsenal Defense fills military and law enforcement contracts worldwide. We supply small arms from submachine guns to heavy machine guns, mortars, hand grenades, grenade launchers, RPGs, platform defense turrets for vehicles, naval units, and ground emplacements. Our selection of ammunition includes rounds for all of the above as well as artillery rounds, and ground vehicle and aircraft munitions.

Since 1878

Reliable Equipment for Mission Success

Law Enforcement tactical units and Military Combatants deserve the best, and Arsenal Defense will not disappoint. Let us help you choose the right tools for your objectives and ensure you procure the best equipment to achieve mission success.

Who We Serve

We strive to provide Law Enforcement tactical units and Military Organizations with reliable tools they require to fulfill their mission effectively.

Law Enforcement


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Our Products

Whether you require arms for special forces, law enforcement officers and tactical teams, or full military combat weapons and ammunition, Arsenal Defense can fill all your contract needs.


Arsenal Defense is able to procure assault rifles, submachine guns, light and heavy machine guns, and armorer and field repair kits.

Do you have specific feature requests? We can modify our base models to your specifications.

Let Arsenal Defense assist you with filling all of your contract needs, and prepare your teams for success.


We are able to supply ammunition for all of our available weapons to include small arms ammunition, hand grenades, grenade launcher rounds, mortar bombs, RPG rounds, artillery and aircraft munitions, and unguided rockets. In addition to high explosive, armor piercing, thermobaric, tracer, and fragmentation munitions, we also provide illumination and smoke rounds, as well as training rounds for all weapon systems.

Heavy Weapons

Military contracts for mortars, RPGs, grenade launchers, and platform based defense systems and turrets can be filled to meet your contract requirements.

Tactical Gear

Arsenal Defense can supply your team with the tactical protective gear necessary for a successful mission.

Arsenal Machine Gun MG-M2

7.62×51 mm Arsenal Machine Gun MG-M2 is a powerful individual automatic weapon designed to be used against enemy troops, light armored targets and aerial targets by firing in single and automatic fire mode.

Who We Are

Founded in 1998, Arsenal Inc. has a rich history of excellence and innovation. Our first U.S. production models became available in 2001, and since then, we have grown from a licensed manufacturer for government agencies and the shooting public to a trusted name across all sectors.

Over the past 25 years, Arsenal Inc. has manufactured and imported more than 25 versions of rifles and pistols, preserving old-world firearms craftsmanship while incorporating modern technological advancements to ensure top-notch quality.

Our Services

Weapon Maintenance & Service

Let the master weapons smiths at Arsenal Defense maintain and service your weapons.

Equipment Modernization

Arsenal Defense has highly trained personnel capable of upgrading your weapons to with current technology and features, such as QD attachment points, Picatinny rails, fixed and folding buttstocks, and much more.

Armorers Tools & Training

Arsenal Defense can supply your support team members with the tools and training required to keep your weapons in prime operational status.

Global Logistics

No matter where in the world you require shipment, Arsenal Defense has the contacts and resources to make it happen.

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