Tactical Law Enforcement Firearms

Law Enforcement Tactical Units such as Special Response Teams, S.W.A.T. units, and other Response Teams require high quality, dependable, and accurate weapons systems. Arsenal Defense is proud to offer a wide selection of high quality firearms to meet those requirements.

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Tactical Equipment for LE & First Responders

Patrol officers are the first on scene and require access to tactical weapons to meet the threats they encounter. Supplying tactical units and first responders with the same reliable weapons systems ensures cross functionality for operational events and training across all staff and department units.

LE Ammunition

Ammunition for Law Enforcement

LE Weapons

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Dependable Tactical Equipment for Law Enforcement

A Law Enforcement Officer’s life depends on their gear and training. There’s no room for malfunctions in a firefight, and our weapons are top tier, manufactured to exacting tolerances to provide the best operational functionality possible.

Arsenal AR-M14F Select-Fire Rifle

AR-M14F 7.62x39mm caliber select fire rifle, milled receiver, chromium plated cold radial forged barrel, FRP pistol grip, scope rail, and metal tubular right-side folding stock.

Other LE Services

Weapon Maintenance & Service

Let the master weapons smiths at Arsenal Defense maintain and service your weapons.

Equipment Modernization

Arsenal Defense has highly trained personnel capable of upgrading your weapons to with current technology and features, such as QD attachment points, Picatinny rails, fixed and folding buttstocks, and much more.

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