Advanced Military Weapons Systems

Arsenal Defense fills military contracts for small arms, machine guns, grenades, grenade launchers, RPG systems, mortars, and platform defense systems. We offer a wide selection of ammunition options with common calibers and munition types such as fragmentation, thermobaric, smoke, illumination, and training rounds.

Since 1998

26+ Years Perfecting Military Weapons

Our manufacturing systems have been in operation for decades and set the standard for modernization techniques. We utilize the most recent state of the art manufacturing processes to produce high quality and dependable weapons and ammunition.

Military Ammunition 

Military Heavy Weapons

Military Firearms

Reliability Like No Other

Your First Line of Defense

A soldier’s life depends on their gear. There’s no room for malfunctions on the battlefield, and our weapons are top tier, manufactured to exacting tolerances to provide the best operational functionality possible.

Our Products. Your Specs.

We provide a wide range of base models to choose from, especially when it comes to firearms. If you have specific needs, we can modify any of our weapons to fit your specific requirements. Get in touch with us and let us know what you need. We’ll get it done.

Arsenal Machine Gun MG-M2

7.62×51 mm Arsenal Machine Gun MG-M2 is a powerful individual automatic weapon designed to be used against enemy troops, light armored targets and aerial targets by firing in single and automatic fire mode.

Other Military Services

Weapon Maintenance & Service

Let the master weapons smiths at Arsenal Defense maintain and service your weapons.

Equipment Modernization

Arsenal Defense has highly trained personnel capable of upgrading your weapons to with current technology and features, such as QD attachment points, Picatinny rails, fixed and folding buttstocks, and much more.

Armorers Tools & Training

Arsenal Defense can supply your support team members with the tools and training required to keep your weapons in prime operational status.

Global Logistics

No matter where in the world you require shipment, Arsenal Defense has the contacts and resources to make it happen.

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