120 mm HE 120 High Explosive Mortar Bomb

SKU: HE-120

120 mm Mortar

Munition Type

High Explosive


120 mm Mortar Bomb HE 120
HE 120: NSN 1315-50-001-0767

The 120 mm High Explosive Mortar bomb HE 120 has been designed as suitable ammunition for the 120mm Mortars. The ammunition is intended for destroying enemy manpower, non-armoured equipment and shelters. This Mortar Bomb is fuzed with AF69.

The Mortar Bomb HE 120  can be fired from 120 mm Mortars M-38, M-43, 2B11 and 2S12-Sani.

Do not fire the HE 120 with Ignition Cartridge only!
The HE 120 can be fired with up to 6 Increment Charges.

Body material Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron

VCh 45, GOST 7293-85

Length fuzed, mm 674
Weight fuzed, kg 16
Weight of Explosive charge (TNT), kg 1.5
Highest Max Pressure (Crusher), kgf/cm2 1 100 (0+6)
Operating Temperature Range, °C from minus 40 to 50


Maximum Pressure (Crusher), kgf/cm2 1 030 (0+6)
Max Range, m 5 840 (0+6)
Muzzle velocity, m/s 274 (0+6)


Unfuzed Mortar Bombs Fuzes
Wooden case, containing:
2 pcs  Unfuzed Mortar bombs + 2 pcs Ignition Cartridges
(packed in a cardboard box) + 8 pcs Increment Charges
(packed in two cardboard boxes, each one containing
4 pcs Increment Charges)
Wooden case with 3 metal airtight boxesq as each metal airtight box contains 28 Fuzes packed in a plastic bag (84 Fuzes totally)
Wooden case dimensions, mm 945x345x230 875x398x206
Wooden case weight, kg 50 65
Wooden case volume, m3 0.075 0.072
Class of explosion hazard, UN Code 1.2D, UN 0169 1.2B,