82 mm HE-82M High Explosive Fragmentation Mortar Bomb


82 mm Mortar

Munition Type

Fragmentation, High Explosive


82 mm Mortar Bombs HE 82 M
HE 82M: NSN 1315-50-001-5483

The 82 mm HE 82M  Mortar bomb is intended for firing of 82 mm Mortars for destroying the manpower and fire weapons in the open, in trenches and entrenchments.

This Mortar Bomb is fuzed with:

  • AF611 (Point detonating, super quick action, boresafe type) fuze.
  • AF67 (Point detonating, super quick action, boresafe type, muzzle safety distance 40 m).

Weapon compatibility:
82 mm HE 82M can be fired from the following weapons: 82 mm Mortar M82MA, 82 mm Mortars of Russian Standard: mod. 1937, mod. 1941, mod. 1943, 52-M-832, etc.

HE 82M
Body material Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron

VCh 45, GOST 7293-85

Length fuzed, mm AF611 (345)

AF67 (355)

Weight fuzed, kg 3.180
Weight of Explosive charge (TNT), kg 0.420
Highest Max Pressure (Crusher), kgf/cm2 490 (0+3)
Fuze AF 67 arming distance, m not less than 40
Operating Temperature Range, °C from minus 40 to 50


Maximum Pressure (Crusher), kgf/cm2 430 (0+3)
Max. range, m: 3 107 (0+3)
Muzzle velocity, m/s 211 (0+3)


HE 82M
Type One fuzed Mortar Bomb with 3 pcs. Increment charges is packed in a Container; 12 pcs. Containers are arranged in a wooden case.
Wooden case dimensions, mm 653x440x268
Case weight, kg 56
Case volume, m3 0.077
Class of explosion hazard, UN Code : 1.2E, UN 0321