40 mm Arsenal Multi-Shot Grenade Launcher MSGL-M

40 mm Arsenal Multi-shot Grenade Launcher MSGL-M


40 mm GL


40 mm Arsenal Multi-shot Grenade Launcher MSGL-M NSN: 1010-50-001-5381

The 40×46 mm ARSENAL Multi-Shot Grenade Launcher MSGL-M is a perfect semi-automatic weapon for the Army, Border Police, Law Enforcement and Special Police Units, used for destruction of enemy’s manpower (single or group targets) in an open area, or in trenches and light shelters of field type, at distance up to 400 m.  It is also good against light or unarmored vehicles, breaching secured doors, signaling or marking target areas with smoke, deploying gas canisters for crowd control (LE), and destroying enemies positioned in defilade.

The overall length of the Round fired from MSGL-M should NOT be more than 134 mm 

Main Features:

  • revolver type launchers – 6-round drum;
  • Ability to load different type rounds in each slot;
  • Durable construction to withstand rough handling;
  • chromium plated barrel bore, which prolongs the life of the weapon;
  • The metal surface finish provides corrosion resistance of the weapon;
    • Makes the Launcher suitable for using in different climatic conditions – rain, snow, salt water and high temperatures;
  • ammunition – low velocity grenades caliber 40×46 mm with length;
  • for MSGL not more than 105 mm; for MSGL-L not more than 135 mm;
  • Picatinny rails (MIL-STD-1913) on three sides (Left, Right, Bottom)
  • Easy stripping, assembly and maintenance;
  • Telescopic stock – perpendicular to receiver;
  • Sighting System is mechanical, frame mounted, taking into account the ballistics of the grenade;
    • Sight is folded when not in use;


Calibre, mm 40
Ammunition Low Velocity Rounds manufactured by ARSENAL JSCo: RLV-HEF, RLV-HEFJ, RLV-TB, RLV-AD, RLV-P, RLV-SMK, RLV-ILL-WS, RLV-S & F etc.

Other manufacturers: all caseless Rounds for GP-25

Маx range of fire, m up to 400
Effective range at area targets, m up to 350
Effective range at single targets, m up to 150
Practical rate of fire, rounds/min 12
Muzzle velocity, m/s 76
Weight, kg 7
Weapon length, mm

– with extended butt (in combat position)

– with folded butt (in marching position)



– in firing position 525
– in travelling position 388
Weapon height, mm

– in combat position

– in marching position



Resource, rounds up to 1 000


Bag for the launcher, pc. 1
Bag for 12 rounds, pc. 1
Brush, pc. 1
Cleaning rod, pc. 1
Sling, pc. 1
Set of spare parts, tools and accessories (SPTA) for 5 launchers, set 1
Box with accessories: drift, screwdriver 1


Number of launchers in one wooden case, pcs. 5
Wooden case dimensions, mm/in 1330 x 525 x 350 mm / 52.3 x 20.6 x 13.7 in
Wooden case gross weight, kg/lbs. 80 kg / 176.3 lbs.
Wooden case volume, m³ 0.244 m


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